Ron Paul Visits Lexington, VA

Helen Shibut (photos courtesy of Joshua Huffman)

            Yesterday, I had the opportunity to see Dr. Ron Paul speak to an audience of about six hundred people at Washington & Lee University in his first public speech since he retired from Congress. The former Congressman from Texas spoke about his concern for the United States as most of our leaders continue to push us down a path of unsustainable debt and perpetual war. But despite the problems we face, Dr. Paul professed optimism for the future, repeating his famous refrain that “freedom is popular” and pointing out the growing enthusiasm of young people who want to take the country in a different direction. Dr. Paul also joked about being relieved to be outside of Washington D.C. and onto more friendly ground, referencing his plans to tour college campuses around the country. After his speech, he took audience questions about the Federal Reserve, the Republican and Libertarian parties, and abortion. 


  1. Anonymous16/1/13 18:08

    that's "freedom is popular"

    1. Anonymous16/1/13 23:01

      Thanks, got it. Wrote too fast, I guess.

  2. Anonymous16/1/13 18:11

    "the democrats like the notion that free is popular, so they always promiise free stuff to the masses, as if there was such a thing.

  3. Anonymous16/1/13 18:35

    I couldn't go but sounds like there was a a full house! Thanks for your report on Dr. Paul's visit to W&L. He is always an inspiration!