Madison Liberty Hosts Judge Gray

 Helen Shibut

           Madison Liberty hosted Libertarian vice presidential candidate Judge Jim Gray Monday and he spoke to a mid-size gathering of students and locals about the campaign he and presidential candidate Gary Johnson are running.  Though most polls suggest Obama and Romney will take the large majority of votes, Gray said the two are “running to win” in a year when many Americans are feeling disillusioned with the two major parties.  An important part of the Libertarian Party's strategy is getting Johnson, a former governor of New Mexico, in the presidential debates and Gray in the vice presidential one.  This would raise awareness of the real issues and prove to Americans that there is a strong third choice, according to Gray.  He also said that he and Johnson are “more qualified” than any of the other candidates, especially on foreign policy issues.

            Gray went on to argue that the Libertarian ticket is the only one with a serious plan to end the tremendous deficit spending of the last several years, and that a Johnson administration would “hold [Congress’] feet to the fire” when it comes to making real cuts and balancing the budget immediately, in 2013. 

            Audience members had a chance to pick up Gary Johnson palm cards, posters, and other promotional materials following the speech, and Judge Gray remained on the Commons for more than half an hour after speaking to answer questions and pose for photos with supporters.

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