Meet More Libertarians

Helen Shibut

As a libertarian, sometimes it can feel like meeting politically like-minded people is impossible. When I worked in Karen Kwiatkowski's congressional campaign in the spring, I went to dozens of Republican events, which were dominated by people who had a drastically different view of the Republican Party than I did. Some were already avid Romney supporters, and others were more liberty minded but felt that the Republican Party could turn itself around and get back to being the party of small government. I tend to think we need a different approach.

The Rocktown Libertarians are a group that meets once a month and is made up of people who believe that the two major parties are so far gone that America needs a third party to step up and be a responsible alternative.  Going to their meeting last night was a breath of fresh air for me. If you're interested in attending a meeting, contact Marc Montoni at

If you need Gary Johnson signs, posters, or bumper stickers, please feel free to email me at .  Madison Liberty does not endorse candidates at any level, but I know that a lot of our readers are actively campaigning this year, so feel free to let me know if you need help getting materials. 

Photo courtesy of Marc Montoni. 

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